About Me

Vishal Shakanthi

I am a freelance social media marketer

I started my digital journey in 2022, as before i was into BPOs and restaurants. So this field was completely new for me and was very much excited about this. And there was lot of learnings and failures. I promise to create more and more value through my works. i will build my teams in few months down the line and i love to travel sometimes, also love to listen to some raps and hip-hop music. my favourite movie is 8 miles. Thats all about me..!!

What we do

We Help Coaches and  Business owners get leads and sales in their business by facebook ads funnel building.

Facebook ads can help businesses make good sales by increasing touchpoints with the target audience, lowering the cost per acquisition, keeping the existing audience engaged, and leveraging video ads. To make the most out of Facebook ads, businesses should start with the right offer, select the right campaign objective, and create custom audiences. Facebook’s wide range of performance insights and aggregate data also provide businesses with powerful in-depth data to optimize their ads


Clients Work

Bizworld Realestate

I love to collaborate and make awesome content. Let’s talk!

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